Best Activities for Burning Calories

Burning CaloriesMost people have a few extra pounds that they want to lose. They want to tone and tighten. They want the cardio exercises and they want to feel better. It is all a part of getting healthy and staying healthy and good health depends on more than simply eating healthy. There are a lot of great activities for achieving your goals, but there are some that work better than others. They are the best activities for burning calories and they are also going to tone, tighten, and improve your cardio health.

Gym Workouts that Burn Calories

Resistance training and aerobics are great ways to burn calories at the gym. You can do both low impact and heavy-duty stuff if you want to. You can also take part in jump roping, using machines to ride a bike or stair climbing machines. The main thing is that you need to be on your feet and active. You can join a Zumba class and start doing Pilates. There are a lot of great things you can do at the gym, but there are some people who would rather get out of the gym and still burn them. Others say that instead of using a treadmill, you will burn more if you get out into nature for a hike or even a slow paced walk through the park.

Best Activities to Burn Calories

One of the great things about burning calories is that it often goes along with cardio exercising. Therefore, you need to focus on the things that put your body to work in every way. You can go bowling or dancing, cycling or golfing. The choice is yours. There are low impact things you can do and very active things. There are some who feel that yoga is a great way to burn a lot of calories at one time and that it also strengthens your core. Swimming, skiing, and other types of activities are both fun sports and great to take part in. As is going out in a canoe because it gets your heartrate up and gives your upper body a total workout.

Get Active, Stay Active

Virtually anything you do can make it so that you are healthier and happier. All you really have to do is find a way to get on your feet each and every day. If walking in the park becomes boring; take a hike. When hiking becomes routine; you can visit a new area or go to an area that allows mountain climbing hikes. If water skiing season ends; try snow skiing. If you get bored with a canoe; try to discover a difference between kayak and canoe. Surprising to many you burn quite a few calories kayaking.  When those get boring and you want to move onto other things, you may even consider trying to get on a stand-up paddle board or something else. You will lose more calories doing things that you feel are fun and exciting. Changing it up will keep it interesting. As you do new things, you will also tone different parts of your body. That is better than a gym any day.